Jackson Pollock Inspired Process Painting for Kids


This week we are celebrating the American painter Jackson Pollock who was a major figure in abstract expressionist movement. Pollock is famous for his messy, energetic way of painting that art critics gave him the nickname Jack the Dripper. He would splash paint onto a large canvas laid out onto the floor. He would deliberately pour paint in what might look to be messy, but each spot or mark of paint had a reason as he claimed, “there is no accident”.

Today we wanted to honor Pollock by working in a similar manner, but with a pre-schooler I wanted to keep the mess to a minimum here at home. Inspired by this post.



  • Yarn, string and/or ribbon
  • Construction paper of any colour
  • Paint ~ I used Crayola and Elmer’s washable and non-toxic paint with sparkles
  • Clothes pins
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Paint brushes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Sponges in various shapes
  • Tongs
  • Paper plates or old yogurt cartons for the paint


Tie the yarn, ribbon and string onto the clothespin to allow the child to hold the pieces more easily. Get them to dip these into the pain then drape and/or drag onto the paper to make marks. I know my child doesn’t always want to get her hands dirty so the tongs come in hand, plus it’s another mark-making tool. The sponges and bubble wrap are other tools to dip and use on paper as well as little fingers too. The fun thing with pipe cleaners is that it can be shaped and be used like a stamp.


There are many more possibilities with this type of work, it could be a quick piece or it could be the paper for another project such as Pollock Guitars like Mrs Seitz did. The possibilities are endless.


It was fun to see the thought process and a great exercise for fine motor skills too. Here is what my 3-year old completed, she quickly put her piece up on the fridge. Show us what you all did.

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