Here at ArtyPants we are celebrating what would be Grant Wood’s 126th birthday. He’s an American artist known for his landscape paintings of the Midwest as well as his iconic painting, American Gothic, which made him famous. Learn more about Grant wood in this video or you can colour the famous painting online or make your own parody of the painting with your photos.

Grant Wood’s visual style with his landscapes gives a feeling of rolling hills. There are patterns and textures that help add character to the various fields within the landscape. Even with each wave of hills the paintings use tricks to give the illusion of space and depth. Today we are going to create a landscape of rolling hills.

Let’s make landscapes


  • Watercolour paper
  • Watercolour paints
  • Tempura paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Sponge
  • Credit card/gift card
  • Sandpaper
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • White glue
  • Plate and/or palette

Draw out some rolling hills on the watercolour paper using a marker. Then cut out each piece. This is a great exercise for preschoolers to practice their scissor skills as they follow the line to cut along.

The top piece will be the sky but the other pieces you can choose randomly for colour and textures. We chose the bottom piece to make a collage using sandpaper. We used white glue, a paint brush to glue down the torn pieces of the sandpaper.

Grant Wood Landscape preschool 3.jpg

Add some texture

We put that to the side to let dry and chose the next piece from our landscape. This time we wanted to do some paint scraping just like Gerhard Richter from last week’s artist study project piece.


Our next piece we decided to use wax crayons to make a texture and a wax resist on the paper then use watercolours over the top. This adds great texture to the paper. We stayed with greens but also used red and pink crayons to add depth. Once dried we used a round sponge with yellow tempura paint to stamp a pattern on top.

yellow for the sun. This was a combination of using our sponge rollers from the Gerhard Richter’s inspired piece. This also ended up with a lot of finger printing which was great to watch my preschooler take charge of her own creativity.


Once all the pieces of the landscape have dried. Glue them all together onto a large paper/watercolour paper. Now the landscape is done with different textures. You could add more patterns on top or even trees.  There are so many possibilities with this project.  If you have magazines you could do a collage of green for one of the landscape sections.

grant wood landscape preschool.jpg

This is a great project to combine process painting which is all about the experience, along with some focus on the end product as a landscape. ArtyPants can custom design a party package if your little one loves the outdoors and wants to paint it, contact us to see how.




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