This week is exciting as ArtyPants gets to celebrate one of the great art masters. It’s Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s birthday and if he were alive he would be turning 176!!! This French artist was a leading developer in the Impressionist style, but did you know that his father was a tailor and his mother was a seamstress and in grew up in Paris? So fashion and modern living was very much part of his work.

Today, we are focussing on one of Renoir’s paintings called the Umbrellas, this video here explains some of the details which makes is quite interesting when viewing the painting. We are going to merge painting in the style of Renoir who used soft feathery brushstrokes, and fashion by creating a painted umbrella hat.



  • Two large pieces of paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Stapler
  • Paperclips
  • Tempura paints – various shades of blue, teal and white
  • Larger round paintbrushes
  • Sponge
  • Palette (I used a plastic reusable plate)


Paperclip two large pieces of paper together. Draw out the top of the shape of an umbrella, no need to worry about the pole nor the handle. Then cut this out; remember that there are two pieces of paper that are being cut together at the same time. Staple the pieces together along the top perimeter.

Squeeze the various shades of blue, teal and white onto your palette and don’t worry about making a mess, in fact the palette looks quite beautiful at the end of a painting session.


Start painting in dob, dob like brushstrokes to create softness. Mix the colours as you go, no need to clean your brushes just keep going. Use the sponge to apply paint to your umbrella.


Fill out the whole umbrella. Have fun with it. My preschooler ended up using her hands then babyWipes to apply paint. The best part was; she had fun! She loved mixing the colours on the paper, which was great to see her exploration.


The other umbrella was completed by a grade 5 student, who also enjoyed the same project. You can see more controlled brushstrokes in the featherlike style.


Fit the umbrella on the child’s head to see where to put additional staples to make it fit better.


This is a great project for an ArtyPants birthday party with all the children leaving with their own hats. It would also make for a great photo with all the children and their hats and recreate Renoir’s Umbrellas painting! Contact us to see book a party.

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