Preschool Art: Painting on the Ceiling


Happy Birthday Michelangelo!  ArtyPants wishes to celebrate with this legendary Italian artist, but he was alive 500 years ago!!!  Did you know that he started making art at a young age? He would copy paintings from churches then soon studied under famous artists.  He painted some of Western art history’s most famous paintings, such as The Creation of Adam and scenes from Genesis on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome.  Not only did he paint, but he was a sculptor and an architect.  He sculpted David and Pieta.  

The Sistine Chapel, is regarded as the centrepiece of High Renaissance art. Michelangelo painted this fresco on the celing which took four years to complete. Check out the incredible ceiling here.

What is fresco painting?

This is a technique where paint is applied to damp plaster. The word fresco comes from the Italian for “fresh”.  So frescos were typically on walls or ceilings.

This week we are going to do two activities to honor this great artist. Today, our ArtyPants preschooler is getting to feel what it was like to do art on the ceiling.


  • Large paper
  • Pencils
  • Tape (I used painter’s green tape, so not to damage furniture)
  • Paints ~ *optional
  • Paintbrushes ~ *optional


Tape the paper under the table then let your child loose as it is about the experience of drawing or making art in a different position.  If you have a table that is lower, place a cushion under the child to lay and be comfortable.  Have fun!

Here are some Michelangelo colouring sheets, which could be used instead.

Michelangelo Fresco Kids

We had fun doing this, as I too got down and drew.  A great chance to bond and do an activity together, especially on a cold day like today.  This could be a fun activity for a smaller birthday party.  Could you imagine the giggles? Contact ArtyPants for more details.


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