A very happy birthday to the late Victor Varsely, the grandfather of the op art movement. ArtyPants is happy to celebrate this great artist who used optical illusions in his abstract work which gave the impression of movement, vibrating patterns or hidden images. 

Today we will make our own op art.


  • Coloured paper
  • Drawing paper
  • Scissors / paper cutter / shape punches
  • Glue stick
  • printout

Click on the image below to print and cut out.

Op Art

Cut out different shapes with the coloured paper.  We used a paper cutter to cut out the squares and a circle punch.  For the print out we cut them with scissors.


Once all the shapes are cut out.  Start to glue them down.  Layer them or make patterns.

This project can be adapted for any age.  Add stripes and more of the print out circles. colour the circles and layer.  So many ideas, and also great for an ArtyPants birthday party.

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