Create your own Joan Miro art


We love Joan Miro, who was born 124 years ago on April 20th in Barcelona, Spain.  He is a surrealist artist whose work seems childlike as he painted his thoughts.  We love how he would tell a story through the use of line, shape and colour.  So let’s celebrate his birthday by creating our own art piece.

Joan Miro often looked up in the sky to create his symbols which can be seen in his paintings. He drew lots of stars, the moon, the sun and constellations.  What other things can be seen in the sky?

Take a look at the painting entitled, Woman in Front of the Sun. What can you see?

Let’s get started on our own project!


  • contact paper
  • black marker
  • string/yarn of various types
  • tape
  • paper/we used regular printer paper




Think of a story that you want to tell that could use different symbols.  Download the image above to print or make your own symbols.


Tape the paper on a window, then tape the contact paper sticky-side out on top.  Start mark making with the different string/yarn and use the symbols on the paper to trace use a black marker to trace too. Our preschooler had fun sticking her hands onto the contact paper, then started to stick the yarn.  We also used some left over packing strips of paper that you find in gift boxes too.


Use paint, avoid using watercolour as it won’t dry well and will come off easily.  We used washable Crayola paint which took longer to dry but was fine. Try to paint more symbols and colour some other shapes that you can find.


Once dried, add more contact paper to the the sticky side.  We hung up our finished piece on our window by our dinner table, so that we can could talk about it when having our meals. Where will you hang your Miro piece? This would make a great project for an ArtyPants birthday, as it’s adaptable for all ages.






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