Six Easy Steps – Franz Kline Painting

This week we are celebrating the birthday of Franz Kline and thinking if Abstract Expressionism. He was well known for his large expressive painting in a black and white palette.

He discovered his love for abstract art when he used a projector to enlarge one of his drawings of furniture onto a wall. He was intrigued by the massive strokes and became the painting itself. This inspired him to create large-scale black-on-white abstract works.

It’s practically summer, so get your art on outside!


  • easel or even put paper on the ground and weight it down with rocks
  • black & white paint (we used tempura mixed with water)
  • paintbrushes
  • masking tape



6 Easy Steps

  1. Set up you workspace with paper on an easel or paper on the ground with rocks for paperweights.
  2. Water down the paint for some extra drama, each colour in its own pot. Don’t worry if it gets mixed, in fact it’s great seeing that there are many shades of grey the littles could explore.
  3. Use masking tape, to tape two brushes together making it longer. The bristles were on both ends so our little ArtyPants had fun flipping the brushes while painting.  The other reasoning is, the longer the brush the further away from the artwork, allowing to view the whole painting also the mark making becomes more organic as well as training to control the brush.
  4. Let loose, try to cover the paper with wide and wild brushstrokes.
  5. Turn your paper around.
  6. Have fun, move, and dance, jump up and down. Shake the brush all around!


You know this would make for an awesome paint party, contact ArtyPants. Check out the video above, subscribe too!

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