Let the Wild Rumpus Start ~ Monster Art

How exciting to be celebrating the birthday of Maurice Sendak, illustrator and writer of children’s books.  He became well-known for his book and now movie Where the Wild Things Are.

Since 1963 when it was first published, Where the Wild Things Are is still a popular book depicting Max a boy who wasn’t happy about being sent to bed without any supper. I’ve taught this book while teaching ESL overseas, even made this into a play.  The children loved the characters and the imagination of Max.  So today, let’s make our own monsters!


  • Where the Wild Things Are book
  • cut up colour paper in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • glue
  • beads
  • googly eyes
  • feathers
  • pom poms
  • stars
  • masking tape
  • add more things if wish: glitter, stickers, different types of paper, string, the list is endless


After reading the book, roaring and rolling our terrible eyes. I set up the table as an invitation to create.  There is no one way to create a monster, that’s what is fun. Use your imagination just like Max!




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